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May 2021
"Technology has been a catalyst for much of the transformation we’ve been seeing in our lives, and has kept us in touch with  friends, family, and colleagues throughout the pandemic. While no one knows for sure what the future of work looks like, it’s clear that skills, both digital and human, are key to meeting the demands of consumers and markets going forward. Inclusivity and accessibility will be central to organisations’ and the nation’s resilience, and there is a key role for the public and private sectors to play to bridge the digital divide."
Nurul A’in Abdul Latif
Markets Leader | PwC Malaysia
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One year into the pandemic, 88% of Malaysians are ready to learn new skills to remain employable in the future. Over half prefer a mostly virtual work environment, but only 28% say they're able to disconnect from work outside of working hours. Read more

How can we think about supply chains differently? As the region’s middle class grows, so do consumer demands. The case for organisations to establish a regional production presence means being able to respond to these needs quickly at lower costs, while benefiting from the rapidly maturing supply chain landscape. Read more

Real estate

Industry players are hopeful of a consumer-spending-led economic recovery, feeding into an uptick in real estate business in the second half of 2021. But they realise that they must also deal with the impact of carbon emissions from the built environment. Read more

Rising debts as a result of COVID-19 will mean governments have to decide how to balance incentivising growth with raising revenues to pay debts back. What does this mean for tax systems that have remained unchanged for decades? Read more

There is growing belief that climate change is the next global crisis, and how we deal with it now will determine our outcomes in the future. Increasingly, investors are looking for better information and the pressure is rising for greater transparency in ESG reporting and disclosure. Read more

When the pandemic started, people were eager for the world to go ‘back to normal’. We now know that we’ll emerge in a changed world, one that’s hopefully better than before. How will business and the way we work change over the long term? Read more
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