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February 2020
PwC’s NextGen Survey 2019 - Malaysia Report

Most Malaysian NextGens strive to lead the family business into the future, but 30% feel the need to prove themselves before they can share their ideas for change. How are NextGens earning their licence to operate?

Global Economy Watch: Predictions for 2020

“Slowbalisation” is the new globalisation. What else do you need to know to plan ahead for your business? Read more

Nature loss is now an economic issue

How do nature-related risks impact businesses and the economy and how should you manage them? Read more
Don’t let uncertainty get in your way

In difficult times, it’s easier to adopt a defensive pose by becoming detached or checking out. Instead, lean into changes for a better chance of success. Read more
Deals that deliver value don’t happen by accident

86% of buyers surveyed who say their latest acquisition created significant value also say it was part of a broader portfolio strategy rather than opportunistic. Read more
CEOs talk upskilling

10 snackable perspectives that will inspire you to take on the challenges of working in a digital world. Read more

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